Town Clerk

  1. Dog Licensing

    The State of New Hampshire requires all dogs be registered by April 30th of each year. In order to avoid fines, please remember to register your dogs before the end of April.

  2. Genealogical / Historical Research

    Birth records prior to 1912 and death, marriage and divorce records prior to 1962 are available with unrestricted access.

  3. Hunting & Fishing Licensing

    Hunting and fishing licenses are available through the Town of Bow Town Clerk's office.

  4. Motor Vehicles

    Here you can access all your motor vehicle renewal options, transferring title, titles, forms, new residents, and boats and off highway recreational vehicles.

  5. Town Meetings

    Here you will find town meeting information and election ballot results.

  6. Vital Records

    Here you will find information about our vital records like birth, death, and marriage certificates.

  7. Elections

    Here you can view a calendar of the upcoming voting and elections and find details about Bow supervisors of the checklist, how to register to vote, change party or vote by absentee ballot, how to register for municipal office 2016, town meetings and town elections, voter id law, and voting machines.